Mass Dynamics: Where life scientists discover together.

Mass Dynamics connects multi-disciplinary life scientists to answer biological questions and understand the building blocks of life - better, faster and easier.

It’s a powerful software environment that unlocks Mass Spectrometry (MS) for the masses by helping you:

  • - Process and share MS data with collaborators

  • - Support more collaborators to complete more impactful studies

  • - Automate and standardise workflows for a growing list of formats

  • - Transform MS data into scientific insights - anytime and anywhere

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Mass Dynamics at a glance

What can I do with my free Mass Dynamics membership?

  • Make sense of pre-processed data by uploading your MaxQuant LFQ-DDA or TMT output files

  • Track experiment health, IDs, missing values and digestion efficiency with automatically generated QC Reports

  • Collaborate seamlessly by annotating results and sharing entire experiments on the cloud with your collaborators

  • Understand significance of differential expression using Over-Representation Analysis (ORA) via the Reactome Database

  • Identify significantly enriched or over-represented gene sets using Enrichment Analysis via GO and Reactome Databases

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What’s coming next?

Being a member of Mass Dynamics opens up a world of future MS goodness that we are constantly rolling out.

We can't wait to deliver you new input formats, support for more MS instruments and integration of the latest methods, approaches and knowledge bases.

Mass Dynamics listens to the needs of the #massgeek community. As a result, TMT is the newest method we support. Have your say about what else you want us to support here.

Have a special capability that could help us free humanity and society from the burden of disease? We’re hiring.

Our contribution to the #massgeek community

We’ve published work about MD 1.0. Read it here.

Like code? We’ve shared some useful parts of ours here.

Check out how we celebrate the #massgeek community.

We’re proud to be helping solve biological puzzles for a growing list of institutes and organisations.

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